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National REO & BPO
Training Event

Be prepared for the massive & exciting changes happening now for REOs & BPOs.

Discussion Topics


  • Make Money Now

    How to make money now with BPO's. We're going to show you a specific system to make you $10,000 dollars a month with BPOs.

  • 45-Minute BPOs

    Learn about our exclusive system, developed by the nation's leading REO & BPO specialists, how to complete a BPO in less than 45 minutes to increase your BPO income!
  • Direct Assignment

    You'll learn how to have BPOs sent directly to you. No more competing for BPO requests! Become a lender-preferred BPO agent.

  • REO Listing Agent

    Learn the insider secrets to becoming an REO agent, and get the direct contact information for asset manager, and get the scripts to make asset managers want to list with you!
  • Lender Preferred

    Learn how to become a lender-preferred REO specialist, and have pre-approved deals sent directly to your inbox from the top lenders.

  • REO Resume

    Learn what your REO resume looks like - what kind of a resume you should put together to impress REO asset managers, get the best REO deals and become lender preferred.


Event Hosts

Team 1

Tim Harris

Real Estate Coach

Tim specializes in top-producing sales & marketing techniques to help agents effectively acquire & convert leads into sales.

Team 3

Julie Harris

Real Estate Coach

Julie is a real estate business specialist with expertise in business management, team-building, and process management.


Extra Benefits

You'll learn tons of tips, tricks, and secrets of the top-producers at the National REO & BPO Training event, but we want to give you even more. Register now & receive the training materials below - absolutely free!