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National Short Sale
Training Event

Master your real estate market with the secrets of the nation's top-producing agents.

Discussion Topics


  • Lead Generation

    Learn how to generate highly-motivated short sale leads on-demand with proven lead-generation tools & strategies to create a wealth of no-cost short sale leads.

  • Pre-Approvals

    Learn the closely-guarded secrets to finding pre-approved short sale leads, along with direct contact information for short-sale insider contacts at the top lenders.
  • Lead Conversion

    Get the key scripts & delivery techniques to quickly & easily convert the short sale listing leads that you generate using the strategies in this training event.

  • 1-Week Turnaround

    Learn insider strategies on how to expedite the short sale approval process, and why 1-week turnarounds will make you the most sought after specialist in your market.
  • Lender Preferred

    Learn how to become a lender-preferred short sale specialist, and have pre-approved short sales sent directly to your inbox from all of the nation's top lenders.

  • Equator Tips

    Learn the step-by-step tips & tricks of the nation's top producing agents on how to effectively use the Equator online portal to manage your short sale listings.


Event Hosts

Team 1

Tim Harris

Real Estate Coach

Tim specializes in top-producing sales & marketing techniques to help agents effectively acquire & convert leads into sales.

Team 3

Julie Harris

Real Estate Coach

Julie is a real estate business specialist with expertise in business management, team-building, and process management.


Extra Benefits

You'll learn tons of tips, tricks, and secrets of the top-producers at the National Short Sale Training event, but we want to give you even more. Register now & receive the training materials below - absolutely free!